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Empowering Motherhood: Embracing 'Fed is Best' with Compassion

By Taylor Gould

While scrolling on Instagram recently, I encountered a post advocating for the sentiment "Breast is best," which reminded me about a scene from "Call the Midwife," Season 5, Episode 2. In this episode, Sister Evangelina momentarily disregards the profound impact of her words – an oversight on her end with significant repercussions. Connie, who is a new mother experiences considerable challenges with breastfeeding. While the mantra "Breast is best" remains prevalent, it's essential to remember that "Fed is best." No mother should face judgment for the choices made in nurturing their child.

The complexity surrounding motherhood, and the choices surrounding infant feeding are among the most significant. Breastfeeding and formula feeding represent two distinct paths, both with their merits and importance. However, the most important principle that underscores this discussion is the recognition that "fed is best," acknowledging that the health and well-being of the baby are of utmost importance, irrespective of the chosen feeding method.


Breastfeeding, often revered as a profound bonding experience, offers a multitude of benefits supported by scientific findings. Breast milk is a nutritional powerhouse, providing infants with essential nutrients, antibodies, and immune-boosting properties. Studies consistently highlight the optimal development of a baby's brain, immune system, and overall health when nourished through breastfeeding. The emotional connection formed during breastfeeding is equally vital for both the baby and the mother, contributing to a profound sense of bonding and well-being.


However, formula feeding is a crucial alternative that allows mother’s flexibility and independence in their feeding journey. Scientifically formulated to replicate the nutritional richness of breast milk, modern formulas provide essential components for healthy growth. Formula feeding can be a reliable source of nourishment when approached with care and attention to the baby's unique needs, ensuring that infants receive the vital nutrients necessary for their development.


The debate surrounding infant feeding choices, it is important to underscore the significance of supporting mothers rather than fostering judgment or shame. Every mother's journey is unique, influenced by factors such as personal health, lifestyle, and lactation challenges. It is essential to create an environment that empowers mothers to make informed decisions based on their individual circumstances, fostering a sense of understanding and compassion.


The essence of women empowerment in the context of infant feeding goes beyond the method chosen—it lies in the unity of mothers supporting one another. By embracing the diversity of feeding choices and creating a non-judgmental space, we cultivate a powerful network of encouragement and understanding. Regardless of whether a mother breastfeeds, formula feeds, or employs a combination of both, the shared experience of nurturing new life unites women in a profound and beautiful way.


Advocating the narrative of infant feeding is diverse, and the choices mothers make deserve celebration rather than scrutiny. "Fed is best" summarizes the universal truth that a well-fed, happy baby is a healthy baby. By combining scientific insights with empathy and understanding, we can dismantle divisive discourse, ushering in an era of women empowerment and shared support in the awe-inspiring journey of motherhood.



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