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Rates for Equine Assisted Support© sessions

1 Session

(60 min)

30 Minute sessions 


2 Sessions

(2 - 60  minute sessions) 

3 Sessions

(3 - 60 minute sessions.) 

Individual sessions.

Our Individual sessions take place with either a single horse or our herd of horses. These sessions can take place in their pasture or round pen. Our session activities include or can include leading, grooming, obstacles courses, equine related art work and or liberty work – working with horses in their natural state.

Individual sessions focus on being present in that movement with our horses. Clients find comfort in discussing their conflict issues at that current time with their equine assisted support facilitator and or their equine partners. This creates a non-threatening environment for clients to open up and develop new insights, and experiences where they feel heard and understood.

*Our program only involves ground work, it does not include riding.


Group Sessions

The purpose of the groups can simply be recreational, or more focused. These are examples of benefits of group sessions.

  • Offering safe, interactive, and comforting experiences with the horses to provide individuals experiencing emotional health challenges with a sense of service and accomplishment.

  • Creating a nurturing experience with the horses for families working on processing your grief.

  • Helping grieving parents explore new and exciting self-regulating techniques with the help of the horses’ ability to provide non-threatening feedback and soothing physical comfort.

And so much more!

Cost will vary according to group and time.

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