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It is! 

Especially If you;

Love animals and horses

​Respect that animals have certain rights and choices

​Share beliefs and are open minded around a  sense of spirituality

​Believe that animals can communicate with us in many ways

​Can benefit from emotional support

Is Equine Wellness Support for you?

The most asked question is "WHY HORSES" 

Horses are sensitive, aware of their surroundings and quick to react.


They watch for the slightest movement and look for threatening body posture.


​Horses know how to discern the difference between a calm, non-threatening approach and anxious, nervous energy. However, every horse is different just as each person is unique.

In a horse’s world, the boundaries are clear and easy to understand.


​Horses look for strong leadership and are willing to follow after they find respect and trust. If we provide contradictory behavior they start to question and challenge our authority to lead.


​In a horse’s world, team work is expected and respected. Horses cannot lie or over think a situation.

Horses are extremely senstive, they can be kind and forgiving , we can guide participants to becoming better individuals through identifying specific horse behaviors.

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