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Our Offerings.

Monthly Full (New) Moon Circles

1:1 mentoring and coaching

Day/Weekend Retreats

Sharing sacred space with our Herd

Here at GouldWood Meadows our main focus is helping those who are traversing into the awareness that there are some inner wounds that need to be tended too.

Are you seeking a path of ease? A place to create a healing space? A space to help heal your peripheral nervous system – a place where you feel support?


Do you have a vision for your healing journey but no idea how to start it. You are looking for that form of support that will help you along your way – holding onto that embodiment of what should be.


GouldWood meadows is a holding space for your inner journey – a place for healing – a place of clarity and calmness – connecting to nature.

1:1 Coaching and Mentorship

Our herd is a major part of how and why we hold this safe space. When you are seeking that support and comfort our herd will always be there to help guide you.

Horses are our mirrors. Because horses are mirrors, they will always mirror the person they are guiding . Being in the presence of a horse is just a groundbreaking and breathtaking experience. How they connect to us and read our energies no matter what the situation is, is truly amazing. 

We exist in their world as a part of their herd, we learn to talk to them as one. We learn to communicate, we learn to listen. Having that connection to our herd in itself, is completely healing and life changing.


Our Individual sessions take place with either a single horse or our herd of horses. These sessions can take place in their pasture or round pen. Our session activities include or can include leading, grooming, obstacles courses, equine related art work and or liberty work – working with horses in their natural state.

Individual sessions focus on being present in that movement with our horses. Clients find comfort in discussing their conflict issues at that current time with their equine assisted support facilitator and or their equine partners. This creates a non-threatening environment for clients to open up and develop new insights, and experiences where they feel heard and understood.

*Our program only involves ground work, it does not include riding.

Group Facilitations 

Being a part of herd, you learn to coexist as one. Alongside the herd you are able to connect with nature, “Grounding, also called earthing, is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that “ground” or electrically reconnect you to the earth."  


As a group we will find a form of offering safe, interactive, and comforting experiences with the horses to provide individuals experiencing emotional health challenges with a sense of service and accomplishment.

Creating a nurturing experience with the horses for families working on processing your grief.

Rates for Equine Wellness Support sessions

40 Minute Grounding sessions 


Our sessions rates are crafted for each individual.

We also offer a pay what you can Friday! 

15-minute Equine Wellness Session!

(Minimum of $10 per 15 min)

We serve children, youth, families, young adults and adults with;


Anxiety, Stress, Greif, Trauma and Loss, Pregnancy ,Infant, Child loss

Depression, Problems with Emotional Regulation, Attention  and Learning Differences

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Sensory Processing Issues

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