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Year Round Retreats 

an adventure for your mind, body and soul.


What it is?

Gouldwood meadows Retreats an adventure for your mind, body and soul.


Gouldwood meadows retreats are an opportunity to free yourself from whatever might be holding you back. It’s a meditative retreat designated to give you a transformative experience – a much needed get away for you to invest in. To be able to explore rural Manitoba, and reconnect with yourself. Have your heart and soul touched with the magic of horses and heal while making life long transformative friendships.


Why it works!

Horses are extremely intuitive animals and are amazing at reading the human body. Horses can sense even the slightest change in your energy – Horses are able to give you the most honest and non-judgmental feedback that can help you understand your meaning of healing.

You’ll be able to share such life changing moments with horses and other supportive and non-judgmental women. Our program is dedicated to helping women change their views of themselves in a transformative manner – healing not just your inner self in the present but your future self as well. Building a courageous, authentic version of yourself.

  • You’ll gain a variety of skills

  • You’ll build a deeper trust and connection with yourself

  • You’ll build a clearer vision, focus, and plan for your future

  • You’ll gain a variety of tools to stay grounded.

  • Build a stronger connection with your intuition

  • Build lifelong friendships and sisterhood with like-minded friends while building unforgettable memories.


Is this retreat right for you?

This Retreat is for Women who want to:

  • Gain clarity and create a plan for what’s next in their life

  • Experience the healing power of horses 

  • Increase confidence and horse knowledge on the ground

  • Experience peace and joy from living fully in the present 

  • Be cared for in your three day retreats, not have to worry about anyone but yourself. 

  • Make new friends in a sisterhood. 


This Retreat is NOT for Women who:

  • Are looking for a horseback riding vacation only

  • Aren’t interested in personal growth and don’t want to learn about themselves

  • Have no desire or willingness to step outside their comfort zone

  • Don’t like small groups or getting to know new people

  • Are seeking therapy for a mental illness (the Retreat involves Equine Coaching which is a life coaching method)

Invest in yourself! 

Unplugging from the stress and demands of your everyday life.

Bonding with supportive women with a life changing sisterhood. 

Leaving self-doubt behind with the confidence to make sustainable positive changes in your life.

$100 non-refundable deposit to book your spot. The remainder is due within 30 days of the retreat.

Payment plans are available.

Horse Legs


Wake up every morning to the views of the horses just outside of your private quarters. Beautiful nature views – single suite rooms or shared quarters available. Outdoor small porch for you to drink your tea or coffee. Listen to nature while recharging.

Healthy Meals

Our meals are home grown and locally raised. We cater to all special food needs including meat, vegetarians and those who are gluten-free. Everyday you’ll receive three home cooked meals made with only quality, wholesome ingredients. All means and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the retreat package, and alcoholic beverages can be purchased separately.

Basket of Organic Vegetables
Above the Clouds


Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport is two hours (152km) from GouldWood Meadows.

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