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Meet Our Horses



19 year old American Saddlebred

Tanga is our fierce loyal protective lead mare of our herd. 

I first fell in love with her from a photo. I don't know what it was but something drew me to her. Once I met her in person there was absolutely no doubt she was coming home with me. 

You can always count on Tanga to be there to guide you, to love you. to comfort you and to hold on to your heart for safe-keeping. 


16 year old American Saddlebred

Hazel is our wise, observant but cautious mare. She comes second in our herd to Tanga. 

When I first saw Hazel on a facebook group with the risk to be sent to auction. But something about her gaze had me hooked from the start. 

You can always count on Hazel to be there cautiously guiding you and show you the path you need to take. 



Honey is our spicy companion. 

She hones her inner goddess by running our herd with her small feisty self.

She's loyal and cautious, but reads your energy and teaches you about patience and  living in the present moment


20 year old Standardbred


Drogo is the newest member to our herd. He's cautious, gentle and an old soul.

When I saw him I just knew there was something about him. There was something about his eyes just drew me to his attention. 

Drogo is the kind of horse who will seek out those who need to unload their emotions and let go of what no longer serves them.



13 year old Mini Mare

She is the newest to our herd. She is cautious, shy and an old soul. 

There's always something about a photo that catches your eye - in some cases you just know - from one photo - that horse or animal is suppose to be in your life. 

Bea was just that. She was meant to be apart of our herd. 

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